Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Senator Barbara Boxer: “most dogged foe of unborn human life in the U.S. Senate”

Denial Is a Senator from California (National Review April 23, 2008) - Paul Kengor comments on Senator Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) -- “most dogged foe of unborn human life in the U.S. Senate” -- to the point of objecting a United States Senate resolution welcoming Pope Benedict himself:

It turns out, though, that Brownback was guilty of an egregious affront in his draft resolution: He had dared to thank the pope for valuing “each and every human life.” This was an apt acknowledgment for the man in Rome, given his remarkable consistency on life issues across the board, from abortion to AIDS to embryos to war. Nonetheless, Brownback’s statement of the obvious raised the ire of pro-choice Democrats in the Senate, particularly Barbara Boxer, who feared “human life” might extend to the unborn — a group that, by her definition, not only has no human rights but is not even human life.

This, of course, could not stand. Boxer immediately demanded that the “objectionable language” (the words of one senior Democratic Senate aide) be dropped from the resolution.