Saturday, April 26, 2008

David Gibson vs. Cranky Conservative on "deprived" Catholic women

  • What you didn't see last week: Women, by David Gibson. Benedictions April 23, 2008:
    They are the majority of worshipers every Sunday (and through the week), and they make up some 80 percent of the more than 30,000 lay ministers (and growing fast) serving in the nation's 19,000 parishes. There are more of them working in U.S. churches than there are priests. They distribute communion, raise the next generation in the faith, and younger versions of themselves serve as altar girls. Yes, they are Catholic women. And yes, they were nearly invisible during last week's Pope-a-palooza.

    Benedict got an eyeful of the American church while he was here, but not from up close. No women were allowed to distribute communion (nor lay people for that matter--only ordained dudes) nor were any girls allowed as altar servers. In fact, the liturgies that American Catholics are used to, with women and girls playing important roles, had to be re-gendered for the papal masses. ...

  • Rebuttal from The Cranky Conservative (April 25, 2008):
    Really? Speaking as someone who was, you know, actually there, I saw a lot of women - a lot of happy women joyous to be in the Pope’s presence.

    From what I understand any female would-be EMC was physically restrained and placed deep in the caverns of both Nationals Park and Yankee Stadium. Allowed only bread, water, and an Ipod filled with liturgical music penned by Marty Haugen, these women were finally released only after they promised never to look a priest directly in the eyes again.

    Of course the actual explanation [as to their absence] ... (Read More).

Do they look disgruntled to you? -- Nuns from the Servents of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, sing on the subway after attending Mass with Pope Benedict XVI at Yankee Stadium April 20, 2008 (Getty Images)


Jeremiah Methuselah


What are "ordained dudes)" - are they what I would call "priests" ?