Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bishop William Lori on Benedict's "challenge" to Cahtolics in America

Yet another "blogging bishop" -- William Lori of the Diocese of Bridgeport, CT, on Pope Benedict's challenge to Catholics in America:

Pope Benedict challenges us to bring the vision of faith to bear on society’s problems and to join together in constructing a world of love and hope – a world where the rights and dignity of each person are respected, including the unborn, the handicapped, and the frail elderly; where children are welcomed and nurtured in loving families founded upon the love of husband and wife; where the stranger is welcomed and the poor are treated with care and respect; where we are free to worship without fear and to bring the light of faith into the public square; where shared truth and convictions protect our freedom from the tyrannical rule of godless and valueless opinion leaders and trend setters who lead us away from what is true, good, coherent, and beautiful.

Now it is up to us to accept this challenge, to build upon the gift of this papal visit. It is for us to ponder the Holy Father’s words, to be renewed in our life of prayer both private and liturgical; to grow in our knowledge and love of what our faith teaches; and to be men and women of intense charity, not only for those we already know and love, but also for those whom we may never meet but who need our love and help.