Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Westboro Baptist to protest Pope Benedict XVI

Members of Westboro Baptist Church – a Missouri sect that has gained notoriety for protests at funerals of US troops – are expected to mount protests at several sites in New York and Washington DC during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States. Spero News reports.

I saw an interesting documentary a while back on this hate-saturated cult of bigots ("Fall From Grace", directed by K. Ryan Jones). In one amusing scene, a group of bikers (dubbing themselves the "Patriot Guard") decided they weren't going to take it anymore and let the funeral of one of their own be disrupted. They parked their Harleys in a line between the protestors and their targets and started revving their engines, drowning out the chanting until they packed up and left.

(Note to papal security -- don't let these papal protestors in the same vicinity as these papal protestors, or you'll have quite a ruckus on your hands).