Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome, USA TODAY readers!

Welcome, USA Today readers! ("Catholic bloggers getting busy", by Cathy Lynn Grossman. April 15, 2008) -- I see you've caught me in one of my grumpy moods:

Christopher Blosser, a New York web designer who turned his online Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club into a Benedict fan club years ago, offers media commentary (benedictinamerica.blogspot.com). A recent post despaired of "cliché-ridden mainstream-media papal coverage — oftentimes with such barely-concealed hostility towards the Pope one doesn't know whether to laugh or cry."

For examples of shoddy papal reporting and/or commentary, Carl Olson points out How to make a complete fool of yourself in print (Insight Scoop April 14, 2008) and -- sorry -- takes USA Today to the woodshed (so to speak). But don't worry, it's not all bad -- browse this blog for some highlights in papal journalism as we cover the good AND the bad.

I'm pleased to see USA give due recognition to veteran Vatican commentator John Allen Jr.) and Amy Welborn (also contributing to the New York Times) and the National Catholic Register's Pope2008.com.

For background education on the thought of Benedict XVI, I would also recommend also the columns and commentary from Sandro Magister and Fr. James V. Schall (who'll I presume will be offering his analysis of Benedict's addresses) and the wealth of essays provided by the Pope's publisher in English, Ignatius Insight.

Finally, hard to believe one can do a piece on papal blogging and neglect to mention Thomas Peters (American Papist). C'mon, now! ;-)