Thursday, April 3, 2008

Carl Anderson on "A Civilization of Love"

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, in Rome today to present his book A Civilization of Love: What Every Catholic Can Do to Transform the World, offered his thoughts on Pope Benedict's visit and his message to the American people. Zenit News Service reports:

"We are talking about a revolution of virtue, but of the theological virtues: faith, hope and love," said Anderson. "And this is the message Benedict XVI has given us with his two encyclicals, 'Deus Caritas Est," on love, and 'Spe Salvi,' on hope."

The supreme knight said that especially during this election year, Americans are waiting "in a tremendous way” to hear about “the question of change and the question of hope, and Christianity is a religion of change and a religion of hope.”

Commenting on the contents of his book, Anderson said, “The effect of 9/11 it still very strong in the United States, and one of the things I suggest in the book is to discover what kind of people we are, what kind of people we want to become.”

The answer to these questions, he said, is precisely in the civilization of love.

“In such a civilization every person is a child of God. We are all intrinsically valuable. The battle today is between the culture of death (where people are judged by their social or economic value) and the culture of life,” he said. ...

“By embracing the culture of life and standing with those most marginalized and deemed “useless” or a “burden” on modern society, Christians can change the tone and direction of our culture,” he affirmed.