Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cardinal O'Malley - Benedict's visit will be a "call for reconciliation and healing"

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Cardinal O'Malley addresses Benedict's visit and the clergy abuse crisis:

“The mistakes of the past must be avoided,” O’Malley told the Herald yesterday, four days before he will leave to greet Benedict in Washington , D.C. “I’m sure the Holy Father’s message will be along those lines . . . a call for reconciliation and for a desire to bring people together and to call people to healing.” [...]

Some speculated that Benedict isn’t visiting Boston because it would shine a spotlight on that ugly scandal, but O’Malley said Benedict’s age and the sheer number of requests he receives played more of a role.

O’Malley said he has no doubt Benedict will address that painful chapter in American Catholicism.

“The Holy Father is very aware of the situation in the United States . . . so I was certain that whether he came to Boston or not, he would certainly address this very important issue,” he said. “He knows our situation, our pastoral needs, so of course he would want to speak to us about these very important issues in our lives.”