Monday, March 3, 2008

Washington Youth to Pope: "See You Soon!"

Youth from the Catholic University of America in the U.S. capital participated in a satellite linkup with Benedict XVI, holding a banner that read "See You Soon!" reports Zenit News Service (March 3, 2008):

The Pope prayed the rosary with university students from 10 European and American cities during the 6th European Day for Universities, held Saturday in Paul VI Hall and linked via satellite to Naples, Italy; Bucharest, Romania; Toledo, Spain; Avignon, France; Minsk, Belarus; Washington D.C.; Mexico City; Havana, Cuba; Aparecida, Brazil; and Loja, Ecuador.

The Pontiff received a greeting from each of the student groups. The banner held by the Washington, D.C. students referred to the Holy Father's upcoming trip to the United States in April: "46 Days and Counting. See You Soon," it read.

In return, Benedict XVI greeted each university and said to the U.S. institution, "Dear university students of Washington, D.C., I send warm greetings to you! With the help of God, I will be in your city in April. With your assistance, may America remain faithful to its Christian roots and to its high ideals of freedom in truth and justice."