Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stehle: Haugen's "Mass of Creation" will NOT be performed

Tim Drake ( does some fact-checking and nixes the rumors and the misleading list that has been circulating:

I just got off the telephone with D.C.'s "Music Man" Tom Stehle regarding the conversation taking place online with respect to the music being performed at the Mass in Washington, D.C. Stehle was able to confirm that the list that made its way to freerepublic is neither complete nor accurate and should not be circulated.

Stehle is in the midst of preparations for Holy Week celebrations at his parish and so couldn't comment further, but said he has been shocked by the level of "vitriol and hate" that has crossed his desk in the form of emails.

"There will be chant. We're not performing 'The Mass of Creation Fraction Rite'. The papal Master of Ceremonies and I went through the music," said Stehle. "The list that was posted online was neither complete nor accurate, and there are pieces that are missing."

Stehle has promised to speak with Mr. Drake next week, after Easter, when the Archdiocese plans to release the list of the 48 pieces of music being performed -- catch updates on this topic at