Sunday, March 23, 2008

Seeking the Pope's blessing on a golf cart

According to the Florida Villages' Daily Sun, the father of a 9/11 firefighter hopes to have his golf cart blessed by the Holy Father:

When Pope Benedict XVI visits the World Trade Center site April 20, Villager Bob Ogren hopes to be there with a golf cart he has made honoring the 343 firefighters who died Sept. 11, 2001, including his son, Jay.

“The idea is to bring the cart up there and maybe have it blessed,” Ogren said.

The golf cart, designed to look like a firetruck, has a picture of each firefighter killed on Sept. 11, many of whom Ogren knew, as he is a retired New York firefighter himself.

However, the number of family members of victims being invited for the pope’s visit is very limited and will be chosen by lottery.

So Ogren is reaching out to everybody he knows, asking them to submit his name for the lottery, but he also thinks he has a little extra help on his side.

“I said that even though it was dismal, I said that I’ve got 343 guys that are talking to the boss up there,” said the Village of Liberty Park resident.