Monday, March 24, 2008

"On-demand" video of the Pope's visit via CatholicTV

Pope in America live and on-demand at CatholicTV web site:

WATERTOWN, MA (MARCH 24, 2008) - The Pope is coming to America on CatholicTV® live and on-demand via The station now has a dedicated page for the historic pastoral visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States. See videos on demand from 2008 and visits past, including Pope John Paul II’s travels to the United States.

Enjoy the trip on CatholicTV and at as Pope Benedict XVI visits the United States for the first time. Beginning April 15, from the moment Shepherd One touches down at Andrews Air Force, CatholicTV will be following the Pope’s six-day visit. Viewers will see Pope Benedict XVI meeting President George Bush, Masses in Washington and New York, a visit to Ground Zero, his address to the United Nations General Assembly and all the events through April 20.