Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Revised List for New York Liturgical Events (maintained by Tim Drake of the National Catholic Register) has published a revised list of the music for the New York liturgical events during the Pope's visit provided him by Dr. Jennifer Pascal, who says:

Throughout the three days of Pope Benedict’s visit to New York, there will be a lot of music accompanying the Papal ceremonies and liturgies.

For our German Pontiff, primarily German music will be featured at the Ecumenical service at St. Joseph’s Parish on the Upper East Side, which was originally a German parish.

Young musicians of our Archdiocese will be providing music for the events at St. Joseph's Seminary, both inside the chapel and outdoors on seminary grounds. Music that is more contemporary and familiar to youth will be featured.

For the Mass at the Cathedral of St. Patrick and Yankee Stadium, an eclectic spectrum of styles is the goal. Gregorian chant - the most revered form of music in the Church, Renaissance music, music of the master composers such as Victoria, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Rheinberger, and Perosi will be featured as well as traditional and contemporary hymnody to encourade full and active participation in the liturgies as mandated by the documents of the Church. With an increasing Spanish-speaking population in the Archdiocese and throughout the United States, the use of bilingual hymnody, the norm at our Cathedral, will also be utilized at both Masses. Talented composers and arrangers from around the country and Canada are contributing to this visitation by composing new works and arranging existing works for orchestra.

St. are contributing musically to this visitation by composing new works and arranging existing works for orchestra.

The Yankee Stadium Mass music will be led by a 200-voice mass choir and 58-piece orchestra that will be situated behind home plate.

Click here for the list of the exact musical selections, composers and arrangers that will be used for each event or liturgy, and the music personnel involved.