Monday, March 10, 2008

Homosexual protestors plan reception for Pope Benedict XVI

Last year we reported on the rather rude and obnoxious reception then-Cardinal Ratzinger recieved at the hands of gay-activists ACT-UP when he visited New York City in January 1988 (See Pope Benedict XVI: Grace Under Fire August 31, 2007). According to the New York Times:

The demonstrators — some shouting “He’s no man of God,” “inquisitor” and “Nazi” — interrupted a talk by Cardinal Ratzinger for about 10 minutes. The A.P. reported that Cardinal John J. O’Connor, the archbishop of New York at the time (he died in 2000), “sat somberly beside him during the disruption at the presentation.” Six demonstrators were arrested.
Unfortunately, it looks like a few of these ruffians have something in store for the Holy Father when he comes to visit in April 2008.
  • According to, The Rainbow Sash Movement is calling on "Catholics of good will" to take the Papal visit as an opportunity to shower the Pope mobile with ashes instead of confetti:
    "Ashes are an ancient and appropriate greeting for a sinner who has caused the Church so much division and pain," RSM said in a statement.

    "We will also be greeting him with whistles; these were used by the Polish People to show shame for the violation of human rights by the Communist Government prior to the end of the cold war.

    "This will be a loud call for reform, that the Pope will be unable to turn a deaf ear to."

  • Dignity USA plans a somewhat less disruptive response (Gay Catholics to ‘address’ Pope during Washington visit Washington Blade March 7, 2008):
    The gay Catholic groups Dignity USA and New Ways Ministry are planning to send a respectful but forceful message affirming the presence of gay people in the Catholic Church during Pope Benedict XVI’s April 14-18 visit to Washington.

    New Ways Ministry, which has advocated for reconciliation between gay Catholics and the church hierarchy for the past 31 years, announced plans for four prominent gay and lesbian Catholics to deliver statements to the Pope about their “lives, loves and hopes for the church” at an April 10 news conference at the National Press Club.

    Among those addressing the Pope at the news conference will be Heather Mizeur, the openly gay member of the Maryland House of Delegates, whom New Ways Ministries says is a practicing Catholic. . . .

    Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of Dignity USA, whose local chapters organize weekly Sunday Masses for gay Catholics, said representatives of her group plan to greet the Pope with signs along his motorcade route in Washington.

    “We will present a positive message in a respectful way to counter the hurtful things he has been saying about GLBT people for so many years,” Duddy-Burke said.

    “The policy we have for the Dignity events is to keep them peaceful, prayerful and positive,” she said. “We want to let people know we have great joy in our lives, that we are productive citizens and that we have faith in our lives.”