Sunday, April 6, 2008

American Papist helps the Associated Press "fill in the Generation Gap"

  • Generation Gap Shapes Catholic Church in America, by Rachel Zolli. Associated Press. April 6, 2008:
    The younger generation considers religion important, but doesn't equate faith with going to church. Many lay people want a greater say in how their parishes operate, yet today's seminarians hope to restore the traditional role and authority of priests.

    Catholic colleges and universities are trying to balance their religious identity with free expression, catching grief from liberals and conservatives in the process. ...

  • Filling in the "generation gap" in the Catholic Church in America, by Thomas Peters (American Papist):
    Catholic bloggers have been doing an excellent job pointing out some of the fallacies and false oppositions being set out by the media in the advance days before Pope Benedict XVI visits the United States.

    One uneven treatment that I think this blog is uniquely suited to address is well represented by this story by the Associated Press...