Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quick Ganswein, to the PopeMobile!

New Yorkers Get to See Popemobile During Papal Visit Gothamist March 29, 2008:

Interested observers who want to see Pope Benedict during his April visit to New York, but couldn't score tickets to his appearance at Yankee Stadium, will be able to glimpse the head of the Roman Catholic church's hierarchy as he cruises the city in the Popemobile. Pope Benedict will be taking the bullet proof bubble car from St. Patrick's Cathedral to a residence where he's staying on the Upper East Side April 19th. He'll also be taking the specially outfitted vehicle to the Bronx, where he'll lap the field at Yankee Stadium before he performs mass for ticket holders.

Wikipedia actually has a rather substantial entry on the Pope's famous means of transportation; for further details on this particular model, see Thomas Peters (American Papist).